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Mindful Touring – How to Beat the Odds and Come Home with Money in Your Pocket


The Adventure

For many, the most alluring prospect of becoming a professional musician is the opportunity to take one’s music on the road. The romantic appeal of travel is something that seems to be universal among humankind.

Journeys are prominent  in our myths and legends; and in our literature, music, and movies, as well. Whether it’s a tale of Odysseus’s decade-long journey home or of Dean Moriarty’s benzedrine-fueled treks across the country at ninety miles an hour, these stories of adventure resonate, unfailingly, with a fundamental part of our nature.  

It’s a rare soul who can honestly say they’ve never heard the road’s sweet siren call. 

I’ve organized and embarked upon many of these adventures in my own career and, although I don’t regret a single tour I’ve ever participated in, I’m not sure my pocket book would say the same. I’ve learned the hard way that, in order to have a financially successful run, one must become practiced in the arts of vigilance and deliberation.

It helps to think of the tour process in three distinct stages:

  • The Preparation
  • The Actual Tour
  • The Review

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How to Pack the House Without Hanging a Single Poster — In 3 SimpleSteps

I’m frequently approached by fellow performers in my local music community asking for ideas on how to attract larger crowds to their shows.  A few have noticed that I often neglect to even hang up a poster in town to promote my performances, yet these events tend to be quite well-attended.  

Some of these observant colleagues have suspected that there is a method to this madness and have asked me to share my promotional “recipes” with them.

Therefore, in the words that follow, I will attempt to reveal and explain the strategy that has proven most effective for me. May this info prove equally useful to you:

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