FAI Class Page – Popular Jam Tunes – Salty Dog Blues

Thanks for joining me at the Folk Alliance Winter Music Camp!

Below are the class links. Some of these links will give you access to lessons pages from my 30 Days to Better Banjo eCourse.

On each page you’ll find written lessons, charts, tabs, videos, etc.

 Salty Dog

Chord Progression Exercises – Here’s some tab that will guide you through the Salty Dog chord changes using a variety of chord shapes up and down the neck. This will get you ready for the rest of the material.

Back Up Tablature – Here’s the tab for the back up that I showed you in the class.

Solo Tablature – Here’s the tab for the solo that I showed you in class.

Demonstration Video – Here’s a video of me playing back up and solos on Salty Dog Blues. 

Back Up Lessons

Basic Back Up – click here

Expanded Back Up – click here

Drop Thumbing – click here


Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions,


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