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Quit Your Day Job

A working musician’s guide to better living

by Ryan Spearman


This fifty page ebook is designed to give you an overview of the ideas, strategies and techniques that I’ve found most useful during my continuing journey from starving artistry to financial security.

Although I think this book stands on its own as an essential musician’s resource, it was created to function more like a portal than a final destination. To that end, I’ve included access to an extensive collection of links and related resources should you want to explore any of the ideas in this book on a deeper level.

Some Subjects Covered in Quit Your Day Job:

  • Surefire ways to grow your audience and build your network in the music industry
  • The importance of diversifying your musical income and ways you can start diversifying right now
  • The financial and professional benefits of teaching
  • Musical money-making opportunities you probably haven’t thought of
  • A scientific approach to knowing what to charge for gigs and services
  • How injecting more of your unique interests and personality can make you more successful
  • The importance of goal setting in your music career and a step by step guide to setting and achieving your own
  • How your mind set and beliefs affect your career
  • How to use other people’s success to improve your own lot
  • Coming to grips with music marketing
  • The importance of persistence in the music biz
  • Plus worksheets, goal sheets, and helpful forms to help you plan your acoustic lifestyle, clarify your goals, calculate your Ideal Hourly Rate, and more!

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