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Finding the Perfect Studio Space for your Private Music Lessons

Finding a Space

The first step is to decide where you’re going to teach. There are a lot of variables to consider once you’ve made the decision to hang your teaching shingle. Here are four common options along with some of their attendant advantages and disavantages:

Teach from your home

The most obvious advantage to teaching out of your home is the commute…or lack thereof. It can be quite convenient to have your students come to you. The amount of money you’ll save on fuel, car maintanence, etc. can be quite significant. You will also-presumably- feel quite comfortable in your own space. Comfort is an importatnt consideration, especially if you’re teaching for long periods at a time.

One disadvantage of teaching out of your home is liability. You’ll want to make sure your insurance coverage protects you against any possible injury to visitors in your home and on your property. You’ll also want to make sure that operating a teaching business out of your home is legal in your city/state. If you rent, you’ll probably want to clear the idea with your landlord, as well.

If all of this sounds like too many hoops to jump through, you may want to consider one of the other suggestions in this article. If you are determined to teach at home and want to make sure you’re properly insured and licensed, talk to a lawyer!

In St. Louis there is a free legal consultation service for artists called Volunteer Lawyers and Acountants for the Arts. There are many such organizations around the United States. Make sure to check around on the internet and elsewhere to see if there is a similiar service in your area. Continue reading

Getting the Word Out – How to Gain and Retain More Students

In this article we’ll be discussing some proven strategies for attracting students to your teaching studio.

Why?       Because a teacher without students is like a day without night. Students need teachers and teachers need students.

There’s an interdependency at work that can’t be denied.

Another important reason you’re going to want students is because they are the ones that pay you! So it may be more proper to say:

A teacher without students is a teacher with no income.

So let’s get to work. Let’s get you some more students so you can get some more money and get on with your life. I’ve broken my personal strategy down into three broad categories:

3 Steps to Getting More Students

Teaching Private Music Lessons

 How to Get Started – 3 Steps

Getting started as a private music instructor is pretty simple. Remember that you don’t need a degree or some special certification to be an effective teacher. All you need is some patience and the desire to share your particular musical knowledge with others.

If you meet those requirements then all you need to do is to follow these three basic steps to launch your teaching career:

1.Find a Space

2.Get the Word Out

3.Start Teaching


Those Who Teach, Can

What if I told you that I had a job opportunity for you.  What if I told you that it was within your field of musical interest, that the hourly wage was twice as much as the average U.S. worker, that you could set your own hours, and be your own boss?

Would you want me to tell you more?

Well, then…keep reading.

Below, we’ll explore some of the ways teaching can enhance your music career.  I’ll also share with you some tips and secrets that will show you how to get started right now!

In an earlier article of mine, Secret to a Successful Music Career, I talked about the importance of diversifying one’s income sources when seeking to make a living as a musician. I also provided a list of suggestions for how you might go about earning “extra” cash with your musical skills.

Teaching is at the very top of that list.

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider teaching as an income source: Continue reading