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AL 006 – How to Get Your Music on Radio and in Magazines & Blogs – an interview w/ Devon Leger


Episode six focuses on the what, why, and how of getting your music onto the airwaves and into print media.

Devon Leger was gracious enough to join me on the show to share his insider’s knowledge of the industry and the promotional process.

Devon is the founder of Hearth Music, one of the premier roots music publicity agencies in the United States. He’s also a music writer, blogger, and a former talent buyer for the largest community arts festival in the nation, Northwest Folklife Festival. In short, the man knows the business of acoustic, folk, and roots music.

Acoustic Lving PodcastDo you have questions about getting your music more airplay and press coverage? Chances are they get answered in this episode as the conversation flows from one helpful topic to the next!


Here are some of the specifics discussed in this interview:

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AL 005 – How to Get Your Music in Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games – an interview w/ Aaron Davison

HPIM1579.JPGHave you ever wondered how to get your music placed in films, TV shows, video games, and commercials? Where do you start? Who should you contact and what should you send to them when you do reach out?

In episode five, I talk with Berklee School of Music alum, Aaron Davison.

Aaron is the founder and director of Aaron is also a songwriter, performer,  and owner of Renegade Music Marketing.

At he teaches musician’s the ins and outs of the music licensing business so they can learn how to pitch their own music for placement in TV, films, commercials, video games.

Acoustic Lving Podcast

Music licensing is a perfect way for musicians to build a side stream of income. It takes a little bit of leg work but, once you get the ball rolling, you can potentially make thousands of dollars a year without hardly lifting a finger again!

If you want to learn more about how to generate passive income by having your songs placed in film and television, then this is the episode for you.


Here are some of the specific questions answered in this episode’s content:

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AL 004 – The ABCs of Growing Your Email List

Acoustic Lving PodcastThe music business is mutating at a frighteningly exponential rate. It’s mind blowing how many major changes have occurred in the industry in the last fifteen years or so, and it’s clear that things will continue to grow and transform in profound, and often surprising ways.

One thing that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon is the importance of building and maintaining a robust mailing list.

In this episode I introduce and explain to you my simple, three part formula for developing and sustaining a healthy email list.

Take a listen and leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!

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AL 003 – Interview with Bobby Borg

bobby borgEpisode three of the Acoustic Living Podcast features an interview with Bobby Borg.

Bobby is a graduate of  Berklee College of music with a BA in Professional Music. He’s an instructor at The Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, CA. He’s also a music business and A&R consultant, a regular contributor to international music business publications, the author of Billboard Book’s bestselling title, The Musician’s Handbook and a whole batch of other titles, as well.

In short, Bobby Borg is an indefatigable musical powerhouse and a major doer on today’s professional music scene.

Acoustic Lving Podcast

Bobby graciously agreed to set aside some precious time to do a phone interview for the Acoustic Living Podcast. We had a great time talking business and I got it all down on tape for your listening benefit!

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AL 002 – Interview with Grant Gordy

in_the_studio7Episode two of the Acoustic Living Podcast features an interview with Grant Gordy.

Gordy is a world class acoustic guitarist and composer who has established himself as a new leader in modern string band music.

He is the guitarist for the David Grisman Quintet. He’s also collaborated, in various capacities, with Edgar Meyer, Darol Anger, Edie Brickell, and Steve Martin.

Acoustic Lving PodcastGordy has performed all across the United States and overseas, as well. He’s played the Montreal Jazz Festival, Bonnaroo, and Carnegie Hall.

He’s been featured in Acoustic Guitar, Flatpicking Guitar, and Just Jazz Guitar Magazines.

Grant graciously agreed to do a phone interview for the Acoustic Living Podcast. I had a great time chatting and reconnecting as the interview/conversation jumped from one professional musical idea to another.

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AL 001 – Diversifying Your Musical Portfolio

In this inaugural episode of the Acoustic Living Podcast I give a quick introduction to the mission, format, and goals of the podcast as well as a brief personal hello before diving into the topic of Acoustic Lving Podcastdiversifying one’s musical income streams. I talk about why I think you should diversify your musical portfolio and I’ll give you some ideas and personal examples to show you how you might integrate some of these hacks into your own music career.

Diversification lies at the foundation of my personal strategies for a more satisfying and profitable musical life.

Since diversifying my musical income streams, I’ve seen exponential growth in my bank account and my general quality of life. Also, my creative reach and my professional skill set have dramatically grown as a result of adopting this more open approach to professional musicianship.

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