AL 007 – 3 Simple Steps to Effective Music Marketing – with Bob Baker

Bob Baker faceIn this episode you get to listen in to a conversation I had recently with “The Godfather of Independent Music Marketing“, Bob Baker.

If you’re not already familiar with Bob and his vast body of work, this excerpt from his bio (at will give you an introduction:

“Bob Baker is an author, speaker, musician, and former music magazine editor dedicated to showing musicians of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, and increase their incomes through their artistic passions.

He is the author of the highly acclaimed Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, which appeared in the major motion picture The School of Rock, starring Jack Black.Acoustic Lving Podcast

Bob also created the Music Marketing 101 course, which ran for five years at Berkleemusic, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music in Boston.”

In this talk, Bob generously shares a ton of music career wisdom and advice that you will, no doubt, find immensely helpful.

Here are some of the specifics discussed in this interview:

  • The 3 stages of successful music marketing
  • Marketing motivations
  • How analyzing your artistic impact can fuel your success
  • The value of artistic introspection
  • Tried and true strategies for creating awareness
  • Tips on nurturing relationships with your fans
  • The importance of generating revenue from your art
  • How to sell more merch at your next gig


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