AL 003 – Interview with Bobby Borg

bobby borgEpisode three of the Acoustic Living Podcast features an interview with Bobby Borg.

Bobby is a graduate of  Berklee College of music with a BA in Professional Music. He’s an instructor at The Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, CA. He’s also a music business and A&R consultant, a regular contributor to international music business publications, the author of Billboard Book’s bestselling title, The Musician’s Handbook and a whole batch of other titles, as well.

In short, Bobby Borg is an indefatigable musical powerhouse and a major doer on today’s professional music scene.

Acoustic Lving Podcast

Bobby graciously agreed to set aside some precious time to do a phone interview for the Acoustic Living Podcast. We had a great time talking business and I got it all down on tape for your listening benefit!

In this conversation you’ll hear Bobby touch on the following subjects:

  • Real life strategies for optimizing your professional opportunities
  • The nature of music marketing
  • Being proactive with your music career
  • Helping yourself so others may help you
  • and much, much more!

 Links       –     Bobby’s Website    –    Link to Bobby’s current online music biz class at UCLA extension.


Recommended Reading:

The Musician’s Handbook     by Bobby Borg

How to Market Your CD and Create a Buzz     by Bobby Borg



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