AL 001 – Diversifying Your Musical Portfolio

In this inaugural episode of the Acoustic Living Podcast I give a quick introduction to the mission, format, and goals of the podcast as well as a brief personal hello before diving into the topic of Acoustic Lving Podcastdiversifying one’s musical income streams. I talk about why I think you should diversify your musical portfolio and I’ll give you some ideas and personal examples to show you how you might integrate some of these hacks into your own music career.

Diversification lies at the foundation of my personal strategies for a more satisfying and profitable musical life.

Since diversifying my musical income streams, I’ve seen exponential growth in my bank account and my general quality of life. Also, my creative reach and my professional skill set have dramatically grown as a result of adopting this more open approach to professional musicianship.

Here are some of the specifics of this episode’s content:

  • The philosophy of diversification
  • The benefits of diversification to a music career
  • The “three umbrellas” of musical diversity
  • Alternative performance options you can add to your trick bag
  • Three simple and enjoyable ways to boost your career by helping others
  • Some super career rewards that come with teaching lessons and how to maximize your teaching offerings for more efficacy and profitability.


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