Those Who Teach, Can

What if I told you that I had a job opportunity for you.  What if I told you that it was within your field of musical interest, that the hourly wage was twice as much as the average U.S. worker, that you could set your own hours, and be your own boss?

Would you want me to tell you more?

Well, then…keep reading.

Below, we’ll explore some of the ways teaching can enhance your music career.  I’ll also share with you some tips and secrets that will show you how to get started right now!

In an earlier article of mine, Secret to a Successful Music Career, I talked about the importance of diversifying one’s income sources when seeking to make a living as a musician. I also provided a list of suggestions for how you might go about earning “extra” cash with your musical skills.

Teaching is at the very top of that list.

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider teaching as an income source:

Great Pay

Teaching private lessons is a wonderful way to bolster your musical income. Consider the following:

The average price of a private music lesson in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri is $40/hr. At that rate, if you averaged ten hours of private teaching a week you would earn $20,800 in a year and still have plenty of time and energy to devote to other interests and income streams.

For a little more perspective, consider the idea that a full time worker earning the average minimum wage in the U.S. ($7.25) would only earn $15,080 a year working four times as many hours!

You Can Be Your Own Boss

Working for yourself provides a great sense of freedom and satisfaction. I’m guessing that’s probably one of the reasons your starting pursuing a career in music in the first place!

Flexible Hours

You choose the days and times that make the most sense for you, your schedule, and your lifestyle.

Professional & Personal Growth

As a teacher you will always be learning and improving your skill set. By constantly examing and communicatiing your specific musical knowledge, you strenghten your own understanding of it.  Also, with the practice of constantly explaining a given technique or subject, your skills of articulation improve.

 In my early days of teaching, I would sometimes struggle for the right word or analogy to relay a certain idea. Now, I find it almost effortless to present ideas and field questions while I teach.  Through reptitiion, I managed to properly develop those skills and you can do the same!

Want to Give Teaching a Try?      

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